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📈 Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Identify performance gaps and expectations to give employees the opportunity to succeed.

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45 min

30 Minutes

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10 min

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📈 Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

❓  Areas of Concern

Discuss matters and areas of concern that need to be looked into and improved

💡  Past Observations

Discuss what had been spoken about in the previous meeting and any notes that had been taken.

🚀  Improvement Goals

Create a list of goals that will assist you in achieving each aim.

📚  Resources

Create a resource list that can be used to complete your improvement goals.

💪  Management Support

Discuss how management can assist and support in improvement and all the goals set.

❗️ Expectation

Create a set of expectations that will demonstrate progress in achieving each improvement goal, the following performance standards must be met. ‍‍

✔️  Progress Checkpoints

Create a schedule to be used to assess your progress toward completing your improvement goals.

✅  Action Items

What came out of this meeting? What are our next steps?

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