Venture Capital Raised
Founded in 2020
Amazing Team Members
Cups of Coffee Consumed

Our Founder

Hi there! My name is Steph and I'm the founder of CodeGem. After studying management engineering and working as a software engineer at top companies like Apple and Uber. I was shocked by the lack of tooling in the engineering management space.  When teams are left to operate in the dark, key decisions are made based on gut feel and anecdotes, causing friction, bottlenecks, and mediocre outcomes. That's why we built CodeGem - Steph

Our Values

We strive to build a culture that cares.

Celebrate Wins & Lessons
... together!
Customer Obsession
Listen, learn, iterate.
Growth Mindset & Kaizen
Reflect, Discuss, Improve, Repeat!
Ownership & Perseverance
Every team member has an impact.
We play to win but we play fair
Even when it adds challenges.
Mistakes happen (we know!)
Own it and let's fix it together!

Stephanie Mills

CEO & Founder

Manan Jadhav

Senior Software Engineer

Nate Melo