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Founded in 2019
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We're passionate about management.

Yes, that's a weird thing to say, but we believe that great management is critical to unlocking high-performing teams.

We've had excellent managers, but the demands of their jobs often limit the time they could devote to optimizing their teams.

We're building CodeGem to help managers better understand what's happening on their team and identify where they can have the biggest impact.

Our values

We strive to build a culture that cares.

Celebrate Wins & Lessons
... together!
Customer Obsession
Listen, learn, iterate.
Growth Mindset & Kaizen
Reflect, Discuss, Improve, Repeat!
Ownership & Perseverance
Every team member has an impact.
We play to win but we play fair
Even when it adds challenges.
Mistakes happen (we know!)
Own it and let's fix it together!

Our Leadership Team

Stephanie Mills

CEO & Founder

Jason Gao

Technical Lead