Building an amazing team is why we exist

We're a small but mighty team looking to build the future of software engineering management. Our mission is to build a management platform that is loved by both engineering managers & engineers.

What are the perks?

...aside from access to adorable animals

Stock Ownership

We want you to be invested in the future of the company as much as we are!

Hybrid Working

Work from home or at the office, depending on your preference.

Flexible Hours

You know when you work best. Shape your schedule around your personal needs.

Huge Impact

Every individual is critical. From product ideas to technical decisions, it all counts.

Career Growth

We work together to define your goals and make sure you have the support to achieve them!

Great Culture

We're creating a culture of excellence, transparency, and self-improvement.

How we work.

Agile Sprint

We follow a traditional Scrum process, with bi-weekly sprints, daily standups, and retros. We also hold a weekly all-hands meeting, where each team will highlight their wins and misses for the week. After that, games day! We're big fans of skribbl but are always excited to try new games!

Maker/Manager Schedule

To make sure that everyone on the team has time for focused work, we've blocked off Mondays and Wednesdays as maker days, where the only meeting held is our daily standup.

The maker/manager schedule is based on this essay from Paul Graham.

Open positions

We're looking for awesome people.