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CodeGem transforms your engineering culture and drives continuous improvement by connecting industry leadings KPIs, actionable alerts,  1:1 software, career development and more into one unified solution.

{ Productivity }

Align. Deliver. Improve.

Leverage proven actionable insights & KPIs to eliminate bottlenecks, identify growth opportunities, and drive continuous improvement.

{ Collaboration }

Work Better Together

Foster teamwork, strengthen relationships and encourage mentorship. CodeGem gives you visibility into your teams collaboration and tools to keep your team close no matter how far apart.


Boost Satisfaction & Wellness

Prevent burnout and retain your top performers. CodeGem let's you to keep your finger on your team's pulse and support individuals when they need it most.

Works with tools you already use

Don't see your tool? We are always working on adding new integrations.

Don't take our word for it

Loved by engineering leaders

"The design is magical, the metrics presented are prescient, and I am so glad CodeGem integrates this into 1-1s. It makes managing my engineering team feel easy and, dare I say, fun!"

Matthew Rastovac
Technical Lead

"Engineering is a team sport. Like judo, it's not about who made the mistake but how quickly we can recover. CodeGem is a 1-of-a-kind management tool and a must have"

Jim Liu
Software Engineering Manager

Software engineering is a team sport

We're here for you. All of you.


CodeGem takes the "manual" out of management, so you can focus on what matters. CodeGem helps you understand how your team is performing across multiple dimensions.


Your success should be measured by more than just the number of lines of code you write. CodeGem helps you see the full picture of your value and identify areas for improvement.


Your company's software development teams contribute directly to company success. CodeGem helps you directly see the impact of your teams and tie innovation to business objectives.

Product Leaders

Never guess when a feature will be complete ever again. CodeGem helps you understand your team's typical way of working and how that compares to industry standards.

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