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"The design is magical, the metrics are prescient, and I am so glad CodeGem integrates this into 1-1s. It makes managing my engineering team feel easy and, dare I say, fun!"

head of engineering at atmos home building company matthew rastovac
Matthew Rastovac
Technical Lead

"Engineering is a team sport. Like judo, it's not about who made the mistake but how quickly we can recover. CodeGem is a 1-of-a-kind management tool and a must have."

jim liu a software engineering manager
Jim Liu
Software Engineering Manager

Everything you need to manage your team in one place.

Run Productive 1:1s and Team Meetings

Collaborative 1:1 and team meetings allow managers to surface problems, blockers and feedback faster than ever before. Industry leading templates make building a productive 1:1 agenda easy and quick.

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Eliminate Burnout

With CodeGem, Managers can see the early warning signs of burnout and receive automated nudges to take action proactively.

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Remove Blockers. Ship Faster.

Managers have added insight to already trusted engineering metrics as well as suggested actions to improve wellness and productivity based on activity.

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Drive Team Collaboration

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CodeGem’s browser extension and SlackBot help teams share check-ins, feedback, kudos and wins. This makes it easy to keep remote teams connected and collaborative.

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Check-ins, Feedback and Kudos Your Team Will Love

Give your team a dedicated channel to share - without breaking their workflow

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CodeGem Works Solo, But We're Better Together

Software is a team sport.

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CodeGem gives engineering managers 360-degree visibility into productivity and wellness and offers actionable recommendations based on engineering activity and wellness trends.

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Use CodeGem to keep track of your wins, feedback, and career goals. Get credit for the contributions that are often under-appreciated like code review and mentorship.

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People Leaders

Your managers do great work and CodeGem can prove it. Now you’ll know which managers are leading engaged and productive teams and how you can support them.

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Executives and C-Suite

Ensure that your managers have the tools they need to lead productive and effective teams. We give managers the tools to fight turnover, burnout, process inefficiencies and low engagement.

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