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Connect and Learn with the Best Eng Leaders

How Coaching Works

Flexible Coaching Options

• Flexible Per-Session or Monthly Packages
• 1:1 Coaching, Team Workshops, or Hybrid

Personalized Approach:

Live discussions with a mentor who tailors the learning experience to your unique needs.

Expert Coaches

Match with vetted coaches that possess extensive experience working with leaders

Problem Solving

Actionable advice to help you tackle challenges and solve problems

Career Advice + Dev

Developing the skills you need from coaches who know the path to success.

Continuous Improvement

Receive coaching that fuels perpetual growth for lasting success.

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Dinah Davis

Fractional COO
Former VP of R&D at Arctic Wolf & Founder of Code Like A Girl
People Management
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Stephanie Mills

Mgmt. Engineering | Founder at CodeGem | Thiel Fellow
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People Management

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