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CodeGem has all the tools you need to lead an engaged and productive team.

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Accelerate your team while boosting culture and quality.

We believe a high-performing engineering team produces higher-quality software, faster. In alignment with the SPACE framework CodeGem focuses on optimization across five key factors:

We give you the tools you need to optimize your team; saving time, improving visibility, and automating manual processes.

Your Team at a Glance

Identify stale PRs, bottlenecks, growth opportunities, and code review champions without ever opening a single pull request.

With additional insight through feedback and check-ins, you can get to the root of your blockers and - more importantly - your team's achievements.

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Stay Close, No Matter How Far Apart

Your team culture and mentorship are equally as important on a remote team as it is in the office. Keep opportunities, notes, and commitments top-of-mind by linking tables, action items, and data directly into your 1:1 and team meetings.

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Showcase Your Management Skills

Your personal growth shouldn't end in management.

CodeGem is the evidence that you're mentoring developers effectively, building a healthy team culture, and achieving personal and team goals.

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Impactful 1:1 with a Single Click

Include feedback and check-in data in our research-based 1:1 templates to keep on top of your team members' questions, concerns, aspirations, and suggestions.

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Keep Your Team Connected

Run Productive & Engaging Meetings

Discuss what matters to your team with agendas that focus on helping you build trust, set goals, and become (or remain) an effective leader.

Manage Remote Teams More Effectively

Promote a supportive, collaborative and accountable remote culture by managing your productivity insights right where you manage your meetings.

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