🎯  Working Agreements

Codify your Team's Best Practices

Teams with established working agreements experience a 25% increase in productivity and a 30% decrease in conflicts.

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Boost Team Performance and Collaboration with Working Agreements

Proactive Exception Handling

CodeGem automatically detects exceptions in working agreements, facilitating healthy discussions and providing actionable recommendations for resolution.

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Customizable to Your Team's Needs

Tailor working agreements to fit your team's unique requirements and working style, with fully configurable thresholds and guidelines.

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Drive Team Alignment and Accountability

Adopt healthy working agreements that promote individual and team accountability, maintain focus on key objectives, and foster a sense of alignment and engagement with organizational goals and values.

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Collaborative Discussion

CodeGem automatically adds exceptions to your meeting agendas, fostering collaborative discussions that lead to resolution and growth

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Foster a Positive Team Culture

Cultivate a supportive and respectful team environment by adopting working agreements that encourage constructive feedback, recognition, and regular communication.

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Sound good? Book a demo.

(It's like show-and-tell for adults.)

Sound good? Book a demo.

(It's like show-and-tell for adults.)