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40% of Your Team Could Be at Risk of Burnout

Contributors range from heavy workloads, poorly defined goals, and inefficient processes. How would you know which of these is affecting your team?

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A happy engineer is a productive engineer.

Fast, Easy Check-Ins

Your team values your time. They won't DM you problems until they've escalated.  CodeGem's browser extension is your teams dedicated channel to share wins & flag blockers in seconds, quickly and simply.

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Prevent Burnout

Keep a pulse on your team’s wellness trends so you can step in to support when they need it. Make it easy for your team to talk about challenges by adding check-ins to your agenda automatically

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Full Control Over Visibility and Privacy

Give your team a dedicated safe space to share with full control over who sees what.

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Run Async Standups

With the CodeGem Extension and Slackbot CodeGem makes it easy for teams to run simple and effective standup across multiple timezones & save up to $45,000 a year

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Sound good? Book a demo.

(It's like show-and-tell for adults.)

Sound good? Book a demo.

(It's like show-and-tell for adults.)