CodeGem For Executives

Your "competitive advantage" should start at the team-level. Now it can.

🚀 Assess, Identify, & Unblock

We provide your team leaders with effective analytics that provide actionable insight and allow them to identify bottlenecks and unblock their team.

🧠 Inspire Engagement & Alignment

A consistent routine of healthy 1:1s can reinforce your mission. Teams that feel aligned with the company mission are more engaged, fulfilled, and productive.

🤝 Let Your Team Work How They Work Best

Asynchronous and remote work have changed how teams work and collaborate. With action items and goals, your teams will remain aligned and on target.

🌱 Home-Grown Talent

Looking to grow your org? Use CodeGem to identify the star performers on your software team and put them on the fast-track to management.

👓 Give Your Managers the Best Tools

New and veteran people-managers have the same goal: to help their teams succeed. With CodeGem, they'll have every tool to help make that happen.

✨ It Works Out of the Box

Ask your managers; they have likely tried to build what we've built. It's not easy, but we've cracked the code!

🔰 Invest in your team leaders.