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Productive 1:1s and Team Meetings

Engineers that have regular 1:1's with their manager are 4x more likely to be engaged.

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Meetings your team loves to show up for.

Productive and Engaging 1:1s

Collaborative agenda building means both parties can ensure they talk about what matters including feedback, blockers, goal setting and important milestones.

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Proven Meeting Templates

Our industry leading templates make building meeting agendas a breeze. Choose templates for skip level meetings, quarterly goal setting to 1:1s designed specifically for remote teams (and more).

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Encourage Action

Create and assign action items during your meetings to keep you and your team accountable and productive. Track your action items across all meetings so you never miss a thing.

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Collaborative Team Meetings

Our collaborative meetings can support your next retro or sprint planning meeting.

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Turn Data Into Action

Embed engineering and wellness data from CodeGem into your next 1:1 or team meeting. Have meaningful conversations based on real data.

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Sound good? Book a demo.

(It's like show-and-tell for adults.)

Sound good? Book a demo.

(It's like show-and-tell for adults.)