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Sprint Planning Meeting

An effective sprint planning template for upcoming sprints.

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How to use this template:

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45 min

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To establish clear objectives and tasks for the upcoming sprint, review progress toward quarterly goals, and enhance team alignment.

When to Use:

Start of a New Sprint: Kick off each new sprint effectively.

Benefits / Why to Use This Template:

  • Alignment: Ensures everyone understands their roles, goals, and priorities.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines sprint planning, saving time and reducing confusion.
  • Transparency: Provides visibility into progress and challenges.
  • Collaboration: Fosters teamwork and a culture of continuous improvement.


  • Prepare in Advance: Spend time reviewing past sprint data and setting a clear agenda to make the meeting more productive.
  • Focus on Goals: The Goals / OKR / KPIs Check-in section is critical for aligning your team's work with larger objectives.
  • Encourage Open Communication: Make sure all team members have the opportunity to share their insights, challenges, and suggestions.
  • Set Clear Action Items: Summarize action items and next steps clearly at the end of the meeting to ensure accountability.

Sprint Planning Meeting

🏆  Goals / OKR / KPIs Check-in

Discuss quarterly OKRs and their progress.
  • Share relevant news and updates from the company and product team.  
  • Are we on track with our OKRs? Do we need to update any of our current projects or goals?
  • Is what we’re working on still related to active OKRs?

📜  Last Sprint

Complete a retrospective of last week’s work, and review outstanding tickets.
  • Discuss relevant action items from the retrospective
  • Are all tickets up to date?
  • What did we accomplish in the last sprint? Did anyone go above and beyond?
  • What didn't we accomplish? What’s being dropped? What are we carrying over into the next sprint?

📝  Next Sprint

Finalize, prioritize, and add tasks to the next sprint according to team bandwidth.
  • Set the sprint goal.
  • Team capacity and availability to confirm Velocity for the team.
  • Any major issues, blockers, or bugs?
  • Are all tickets up to date?
  • Reprioritize and add tickets for this sprint

✅  Action items

What came out of this meeting? What are your next steps?

Add action items with the square button in the formatting bar above.

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