CodeGem For Software Managers

We'd like to introduce you to the new Assistant (to the) Software Manager. 🥕

Your Team at a Glance

Identify stale PRs, bottlenecks, growth opportunities, and code review champions without ever opening a single pull request.

With additional insight through feedback and check-ins, you can get to the root of your blockers and - more importantly - your team's achievements.

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Stay Close, No Matter How Far Apart

Your team culture and mentorship are equally as important on a remote team as it is in the office. Keep opportunities, notes, and commitments top-of-mind by linking tables, action items, and data directly into your 1:1 and team meetings.

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Showcase Your Management Skills

Your personal growth shouldn't end in management.

CodeGem is the evidence that you're mentoring developers effectively, building a healthy team culture, and achieving personal and team goals.

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Impactful Meetings with a Single Click

Include feedback and check-in data in our research-based 1:1 templates to keep on top of your team members' questions, concerns, aspirations, and suggestions.

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