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Measuring developer productivity more accurately leads to improved insight into the many layers of team and developer productivity and better decision-making

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Unblock your team's flow, align engineering with business objectives, and drive continuous improvement.

Track More Meaningful Metrics

CodeGem helps managers track metrics that are just as important as code throughput, like those related to code review, mentorship and collaboration.

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Drive True Developer Productivity

CodeGem's healthy engineering metrics and actionable alerts drive team-wide growth and productivity (based on SPACE, DORA, etc.)

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Never Miss Potential Blockers

CodeGem sends automated alerts for stale PRs, work merged without review, PRs that are getting too big and other issues that need a manager’s attention.

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Find Out What’s Slowing You Down

CodeGem helps you gain visibility into your engineering pipeline so you can find and resolve process blockers faster.

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Quick GitHub Integration

Integrate with our GitHub to instantly get a bird’s eye view your team’s engineering metrics.

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Sound good? Book a demo.

(It's like show-and-tell for adults.)

Sound good? Book a demo.

(It's like show-and-tell for adults.)