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CodeGem gives you the productivity, wellness, and development tools you need to build a category-defining engineering team

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Build the winning team that your engineers want to be on

An engineer is more than the code they write. CodeGem gives you a holistic understanding of everything happening on your team and the tools to turn insight into action.

Close the Feedback Loop

Collect feedback from your team when they want to share it, and without asking them to change their workflow. We can show you your team from a whole new perspective.

Foster Growth

Leverage CodeGem's Gem Framework (Goal, Evidence, Measure) to set, measure and achieve both individual and teams goals! Link Gems to analytics or pull them straight into your 1 on 1s

Level Up Your 1on1s

CodeGem makes your meetings more efficient and effective; streamlining prep, supporting conversation, and automating next steps.

⭐ Collaborative Agenda & Notes
⭐ Private Notes
⭐ Smart Templates
⭐ Analytics In & On 1on1s

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We give you the tools to...

Understand. Plan. Iterate.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Personalized, relevant analytics delivered to your dashboards.

Dedicated 1:1 Platform

Talking points, metrics, and private notes integrated directly into your meetings.

Accessible Check-ins

CodeGem's satisfaction input is available to collect data anywhere at any time.

Powered by AI

We leverage machine learning to better surface insights into your team.


Don't change for us. We'll pull data directly from your familiar set of tools.

Custom Analytics

Hone-in on the insights that matter to you most by building custom analytics.

We're here for you. All of you.

Effective software team management is not a one-person job. CodeGem supports each member of the team.


CodeGem takes the "manual" out of management, so you can focus on what matters. CodeGem helps you understand how your team is performing across multiple dimensions.


Your success should be measured by more than just the number of lines of code you write. CodeGem helps you see the full picture of your value and identify areas for improvement.


Your company's software development teams contribute directly to company success. CodeGem helps you directly see the impact of your teams and tie innovation to business objectives.

Product Leaders

Never guess when a feature will be complete ever again. CodeGem helps you understand your team's typical way of working and how that compares to industry standards.

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