CodeGem For Engineers

Founded by engineers. Built for engineers.


😬 No More Awkward 1:1's

CodeGem is where productive and growth-oriented conversations happen. Eliminate prep time and set up your 1:1 in seconds with proven templates.


👂 Be Heard

Effortlessly exchange in-the-moment feedback, notes, check-ins and kudos without ever leaving your workflow.


🚀 Get Credit for Your Work

Eliminate status updates with automated analytics built to align & support your growth - and finally get recognition for code review.


👀 We Are Not a Surveillance Tool

One more time? We are not a surveillance tool.
Every metric, KPI, and recommendation made to your manager is made with you in mind.


🔮 Control Your Privacy

It's hard to speak up sometimes, we get it. You control who can see your individual CodeGem contributions.


✨ Our Extension is Lightweight

Our extension hides when not in use so that you can stay focused on the task at hand. It's always available so that your voice is just a click away.

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